Thursday, April 9, 2009


Alright! I was all into the blogging thing, etc. until life hit me. I have two great kids, both of whom want my attention 24/7, work full-time from home while trying to take care of the kids, house, husband, dogs, etc. I get busy! I guess you could say I'm "trying" to master "juggling."


Chris is still working for Falk Construction; and my parents since they decided to do a serious renovation on their house. For a while he was home and probably got sick of me nagging him, though that's probably not going to stop soon. I'm seriously OCD. He's got my heart forever.

Jake is in his second semester of preschool at WSU. He totally loves it! He's made great new friends and loves his teachers. He does gymnastics and is going to start baseball soon followed by karate. He did hockey for six weeks and basiscally just learned how to skate, but doesn't seem to thrilled to go back. His vocabulary and what he remembers kills me.

Kaycie is now almost 10 months old, has two teeth, says "mama" all the time, crawls like her mom runs and has already taken three steps. She sleeps all night and wakes up with the biggest smile on her face.

Me. Don't know where to start, kind of said it all. The good thing is that it's getting warmer so I can take the kids running with me in the stroller. My body is begging to be pushed and my 13th St. George Marathon is only months away.

In June we are going to New Hampshire/Massachusetts for 10 days for my cousin's wedding. It will be Jake and Kaycie's first airplane ride and first time at the beach! We are so excited! My WHOLE family is going, so it will be great. Bucky lucked out with Mara! Just to get away will be nice.

Ok, so I've updated. I promise I'll try to be better at doing so. Pictures are another thing though, so that may take some time.

Love you all,


aelarson said...

F I N A L L Y!!!!

tsroybal said...

ITS ABOUT TIME!!! Now we just need to see some pictures.

paige said...

Look at you. Facebook, updating your blog. Wow! Just kidding :) glad to hear from you! Now keep it up....

Sue Redington said...

WHERE ARE THE PICTURES!!! Don't deprive us of seeing your beautiful babies!!